Blind Owl Coffee Co.

Blind Owl Coffee Co. is an independent coffee roasters in Bristol. My involvement in this project has been wholly diverse and has given me a large amount of creative control over many aspects of design; initially starting by conducting market research and working closely with the client to develop early stylistic choices, my initial studies involved research at coffee festivals and in stores. This research, along with my preliminary designs (right & bottom right), dictated the initial logo design (above) and supplied art direction for the final colour scheme/design (bottom left), with the directive of creating a design that was inspired by 60s poster design. I also took on a role that focused on web design, online shop maintenance, and copywriting. During my time on this project, I have enjoyed the challenge of influencing the brand identity, maintaining web presence, generating copy, and supervising the general art direction for the brand.

midnight special clean up colour individual label no white border.png
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