Blind Owl Coffee

I’ve been a part of the team at Blind Owl since its humble beginnings, and I have been lucky enough to help shape the design, voice and complete identity of the brand. Deliverables have included logo and colour palette design, sustainable packaging design for coffee, email marketing templates and copywriting, photography and illustration/mural painting, social media management, and merchandising. 

Other Branding Projects


Printed point of sales outcomes, illustrations, large scale banners, promotional content.

Wild Oats

Packaging design.

Tempeh Meades

Sustainable packaging solutions, logo design, colour palette, and illustrations.

Mighty Brew Wine

Concept packaging design.


Logo design for a clothing brand.

Opal Beauty

Logo design for a make-up brand.

Emmaus Bristol

Packaging design and social media content creation.


Packaging design, social media content creation, and merchandising.

Radek's Chocolate

Collaborative packaging design with Blind Owl Coffee.